Yes, Voter Fraud Happens, Virginia

I live in a quiet little hamlet in the Democrat stronghold of Camden County, NJ, quietly nestled between the NJ Turnpike and the North-South Freeway that takes commuters between Philadelphia and the South Jersey suburbs and down to the shore. Actually, Gloucester Township is the 2nd largest township in Camden County, behind Cherry Hill Township, and sits in the shadow of Philadelphia.

In 2013, I had the audacity to run as a member of a Republican team consisting of a mayoral candidate and three council candidates. In a four-year cycle, every 1st year the mayor and three council seats are up with the other four council seats up in the 3rd year.

We were on our own. We never had Governor Christie acknowledge us, or ever received a dime from the Republican Party. We were able to raise about $7,000, after we each contributed $100 or our own towards our candidacies. The entrenched Democrat mayor and council raised and spent over $100,000 to secure the election, all monies contributed to the Democrat ticket and the three or four Dem PACS from companies and individuals who benefitted from township contracts. If they wanted the money to keep flowing, they had to assure that their guys would win. It’s been years now since we’ve had a Republican on council and the Dems are adamantly resistant to any sensible pay-to-play regulations. The Dems seem to win with a 70-to-30 percent margin every election cycle.

Each party can select two individuals as poll-watchers for each polling station in the township. As a candidate, I was designated a poll-watcher-at-large, which allowed me to visit any polling station to observe and challenge anything that seemed inappropriate.

Shortly before noon and after voting myself, I visited a polling station near my home (in Blackwood) located in a fire station in the next town over, Blenheim. There were two polling stations in the firehouse in the front of the room, backed up to the front windows of the building and across the room from the registration tables. There did not appear to be any Republican watchers in the station when I entered. As I walked in, I looked at the voting machines and observed the rear door on one was swinging wide open. Upon closer observation, it became apparent that neither machine was locked and the second machine’s door was secured in the closed position by nothing more than three pieces of scotch tape. WTH?

Upon questioning the poll workers, I was informed that no one present had the keys to lock the machines. As I pointed out the impropriety and illegality of the situation, the poll-workers began to become indignant. In fact, I was informed that everything was going smoothly until I arrived and began causing trouble.

In the end, I placed a call to the election board but no one ever went out to the site, nothing, to my knowledge, was ever done, and I never heard anything more about it.

Fact: election laws are in place to guarantee free and fair elections, part of which rules include allowing all balloted parties to have representatives present to observe and guarantee everything is on the up and up. One might say such regulations are the foundation of a democratic society’s ability to guarantee fair elections.

How then is it possible that we know, for a fact, evidenced by video, that, during the 2020 election, Republican poll-watchers were locked out of ballot counting rooms and were forced to stand in rooms behind windows, some 20-to-30 feet away from the tables, windows sometimes covered with newspaper to keep observers from seeing what was transpiring with the vote counts? This is not in question, it is documented.

Two years down the road, multiple instances of voter fraud, now documented, and nothing has been done. The same corrupt-o-crats remain embedded and poised to steal another election and the, so-called, “Republican” leadership is more worried about raising money for all of its establishment, go-along-to-get-along, candidates while trashing the only true people’s president we’ve had in years.

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