An Introduction: Why Another Blog?

That’s a perfectly valid question. Why should anyone waste their precious time to read the meanderings of my mind?

The fact is, unless you read it, you will never know. I have spent a lot of time in thought and writing those thoughts down so, as a retiree with some time on my hands, I decided to try to go public. Well, at least, more public than Facebook, Twitter, or Parler.

And rather than waste a whole lot more time trying to advertise me, I think I’ll get right down to it and let the ideas I share speak for themselves. I think you’ll be pleased but, hey, what do I know? And I guess that’s what I’m about to find out based on who will read what I write.

My topics will mostly cover all of life. Funny, huh? Well, I believe that religion, or maybe more descriptive, spiritual matters, and politics, from Greek politikos, from politēs ‘citizen’, from polis ‘city’, pretty much, covers all of life. Are those topics then not the work of all of us?

A lot of people say they do not want to get involved in politics and so they leave it to others. The results are what we now have. I’ve always said, you might not involve yourself in politics, or government, but government will involve itself with you, usually to your detriment.

Enough, let the journey begin.

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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