Due Process Above Senators’ Paygrade

In any Senate impeachment trial of a sitting president, the president is guaranteed Due Process as any person accused of a crime. Part of that Due Process in a presidential impeachment trial is for the proceedings to be overseen by an unbiased and non-partisan judge, and the Constitution mandates that by requiring that any presidential impeachment trial be presided over by the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party is running a sham trial, attempting to impeach a private citizen, a blatantly unconstitutional proceeding, and Chief Justice John Roberts is clearly aware of the impropriety of what the Democrats are trying to do and has, rightly so, refused to preside over such an unconstitutional scam trial.

So, what to do? The Democrats are up “lying Adam Schitt’s” Creek without a paddle, so… the Dems have selected Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, one of their own, to preside over the trial.

WTH? I’m pretty sure that as a sitting senator, Leahy is scheduled to vote Yay or Nay at the outcome of the trial. And what of an unbiased judge? So, Leahy will function as judge, prosecutor, and juror.

Not only is the whole sham proceeding of trying to impeach a private citizen outside the bounds of our Constitution, but there is no precedent for conducting such a sham trial anywhere in our history.

Imagine your neighbor slips on your sidewalk and decides to sue you. You hire a lawyer and prepare for trial. You show up in court and, lo and behold, your neighbor is not only bringing charges against you, but he is presiding over the trial and will then be deliberating with the jury regarding your guilt or innocence.

What the hell happened to Due Process? Does the Bill of Rights mean anything to these people, or is it, as NJ’s Goobner Murphy explained, above their pay grade?

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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