The 2020 Presidential Election Grand Bait-and-Switch Scheme

Last night (25 October), Joe Biden, in reference to the upcoming election, referred to “George… er-ahh, George…” When he finally came back to earth, he went on to say that if Donald Trump gets four more years we will be living in a “different world”…

Is it just me? Trump is already president and has been for almost four years, so what “world” have we been living in for the last four years? Admittedly, SloJo has been in his basement for almost a year now so it’s kind of apropos for an individual with his cognitive issues to be confused. I’m reminded of the guy who, expecting the worse, descends into his nuke shelter only to surface some time later to find out he reacted to a false alarm. You know the scenario, kind of like what happened when some guy in Hawaii hit the ”missile launch alert” switch when trying to turn the lights out and general panic ensued.

So, this is the guy, Sleepy “QuidProJoe” Biden, that wants you to elect him to be president for the next four… err, well, at least a month, at which time it will become evident, probably even to Joe, that he is not up to the task, and will step aside and put Kamala Harris in charge. By hook or by crook, it’s gonna happen.

So I ask, is that really what America wants? What kind of bait-and-switch scam are these people trying to perpetrate? Is this really how we elect a president, one who is merely a figure-head yielding to the crazies who have gained control of the Democrat Party, leaving Joe in charge in name only?

Change My… you know the thing.

Oops… No Joe, it’s the switch on the left.

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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