The Lesson of Robespierre

I came across the accompanying editorial cartoon some time ago. It would appear to be satirical editorial comment but something makes me think that this kind of satire would not have found an audience with those in charge at the time. It’s possible, this came along after the fact when things had quieted down some, but I, frankly, don’t know when it appeared. The point, however is not lessened or lost by the advance of time.

For those who are ignorant of the history of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror, Maximilien Robespierre was the most influential member of the ruling Committee of Public Safety and eventually distinguished himself as the chief architect of the Reign of Terror.

Once Robespierre started the engine of the French guillotine, it was hard to slow things down. The joke here is that Robespierre sent so many to the guillotine to sate the blood-thirst of its head separating mechanism, that he eventually guillotined the executioner, himself, when there was no one else left to sacrifice. The real joke, not told in this cartoon, is that Robespierre actually laid his own neck in the cradle of the guillotine and gave all for his precious revolution. Unfortunately, due to his own participation in the ordeal, he was unable to attend as an observer at his own execution. I’m sure he was sadly missed.

And what is there then to learn from this today? I see two types of people who think they will remain untouched by the violence being fomented today.

The first group is the “Go Along To Get Along” crowd. The appeasers and capitulators, probably best represented by Mitt Romney who marched with BLM and was heard to repeat the mantra, “black lives matter.” If Mitt, as those who nodded at Robespierre’s actions until he came for them, thinks he has gained protection for himself, I would advise him to give it some time, they’ll eventually get around to dealing with him and his ilk. A quick review of how Mitt Romney made his money should answer any questions in your mind as to why his attempts to ingratiate himself with the anarchists will eventually fail.

The second group is the anarchists themselves. The lesson is plain, once you unleash the unrestrained violence we see occurring, it becomes uncontrollable and eventually will feed on the very life-forces that birthed it.

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