It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over, But…

#JoeBiden has told us that in a Biden presidency, there will be no #RedStates and no #BlueStates , rather he will preside over the #UnitedStates , and all #Americans . Silly me, I thought #PresidentTrump was already doing that, including putting more #blacks , #Hispanics , #Asians , and #women to work than ever before, funding #HBC’s, and initiating the #PlatinumPlan (look it up), amongst many other actions that have benefitted the citizens of the “United States.”

Here’s my question… as a patriotic American, who loves America and what it stands for, who has worked hard all his life and always paid taxes, who has never been incarcerated for breaking the laws, who has raised a family of six who are all productive adults, and who is a Constitutionalist that takes pride in my right to #freespeech, to practice the #religion of my choice, and to #keepandbeararms for the protection of all I hold dear… how am I to respond to a, so-called, “president of everybody’ who threatens to confiscate my property in the form of firearms, tools that have never been used to hurt anyone or ever even pointed at anyone, under threat of law and punishment, extending even to confiscation at the barrel of a gun?

I am all ears to whomever has the ability to present to me a coherent argument that would prove my concerns wrong? So… go ahead… Change My Mind!

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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