The Man Who Would Be President

All you Biden voters, in your rush to replace a man who…

  1. Sent the Dow Jones over 30k
  2. Brought American jobs back to America
  3. Did not start any wars
  4. Brought American soldiers home
  5. Set the stage for peace in the Middle East
  6. Put China in its place
  7. Successfully dealt with the NoKo’s
  8. Crushed ISIS
  9. Set employment records for all minorities and women
  10. Achieved energy independence – a 50 year unfulfilled promise
  11. Established the greatest economy in US history
  12. Funded Historical Black Colleges because he’s, secretly, a racist
  13. Set up Opportunity Zones to give minorities a hand-up rather than the hand-out leftists have used to decimate black families
  14. Reorganized the Criminal Justice System to make it more fair, another unfulfilled liberal promise
  15. Instituted real pay increases with more money in the pockets of Middle and Lower class Americans while Liberals screamed he was helping the rich
  16. Made NATO pay its fair share for its own defense instead of making Americans pay

(Do I need to continue?)

…you chose to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden, a lifelong politician who has zero real accomplishments and never ran a legitimate business, but somehow was able to accumulate millions of dollars and properties for himself and his family on a politician’s salary, and by all estimations is teetering on the precipice of senility.

In the end, because of your ignorance, stupidity, or hatred, you voted for an old (the oldest), white, rich man with a questionable past because you were too lazy, or refused, to do your due diligence in vetting Joe Biden. You trusted the likes of Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon.

In fact, your vote for Joe Biden was actually a vote for Kamala Harris. If you can cite one credible source to convince me otherwise, I’m all ears.

So, in your haste to replace OrangeManBad, because you didn’t like his tweets, or was it because the lying “unfree” press told you, you should, and you obediently acquiesced like sheep being taken to the slaughter, you obeyed your overlords. Pathetic, and proof that our Public School Indoctrination complex has succeeded in convincing you, you have no ability or authority to think for yourself, the main stream media will tell you what to think and when to think it.

So, here we are, staring into the face of a Biden presidency that, by all calculations, will be extremely short-lived. And what then?

A Kamala Harris presidency, a woman you know what about? She was rejected by her own party early in the Dem primary race. Has the media vetted Kamala Harris like it did Mike Pence? Joe Biden was also unvetted by the media that ignored all the unflattering stories it actually did report about him years ago. Was Donald Trump ever given such a pass? So, what do you know about the woman you inadvertently, or by voluntary choice, selected to replace Joe Biden, a person who no one doubts, including Sleepy Joe, himself, will be the real president in the outcome of a Biden presidency?

Because, in the end, you swallowed the lie that, regardless of who succeeded him, it was more important to rid the country of a man that Made America Great Again but that the liberal, progressive establishment hated. Fools, everyone of you.

Go ahead… Change My Mind!

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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