The Hoax that is a Hoax that is a Hoax…

The following is a response to a friend’s post about a restaurant he noticed had gone out of business. I have not edited it and am giving it verbatim:

There shut down per Wolf Order’s.It’s only gonna get worst Dave.Be safe out there people are real a-hole’s.They think it’s a HOAX.Till it hit’s them.”

(Whew, that was almost as hard to type as it is to read. But I digress…)

So, there are two hoaxes out there that I’d like to address, what I call the Lesser Hoax and the Greater Hoax.

The Lesser Hoax – I have not, nor has my friend, Dave, addressed in the aforementioned comment, to my knowledge, ever insinuated that the COVID-19 Virus is a “HOAX.” The only hoax in that is those who think others, and those who think like me, think that the COVID is a hoax. They are obviously not paying attention to what people like me are saying, and are, more likely, listening to too much Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo.

So, allow me to reiterate and dispel the Lesser Hoax: COVID-19 is real. It is a virus that appears to spread easily and can be fatal in some instances. The recovery rate, however, dwarfs even the false number of deaths attributed to it. So, the Lesser Hoax that they have bought into is that people like me think that the COVID Virus is a Hoax. That is pure, unadulterated, hogwash.

The Greater Hoax – And this is the real “HOAX,” is the response to the COVID virus. Allow me please…

It has just been reported that there were more suicides in Japan in the month of November – due mainly to the lockdowns – than there have been Japanese deaths from COVID in the whole year of 2020, so far. Have you heard President Trump say that the fix cannot be worse than the problem? We’ve gone way past that.

Here in America, we have suffered at least a 25% destruction of businesses that are unable to get through the lockdowns and the costly attempts to comply with regulations that allowed them to open temporarily at reduced clientele, and then forced to shut down again, and again, and again. Those small businesses are run by real people who invested their lives in such and have been brought to ruin by governors and mayors who tell us to stay home and then go out and do what they command us not to do. You want a HOAX? There it is.

And then we are told that the lockdowns and regulations have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Not everyone has overreacted like us so there should be data out there from other countries (Sweden?) and some of our own states (South Dakota?) to support that claim. So where are all the deaths? It actually appears that the death rates are the same regardless of the response.

Stay tuned for my next rant, which will be against masks and social distancing. In the meantime…

Go ahead, Change My Mind!

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