Green Energy’s Dirty Little Secret

Allow me to tell you a dirty little secret about Green energy…

Any green energy scheme needs a back-up system. That means fossil fuel-based energy or nuclear power.

You buy a Tesla, you pay for one power-house, all electric. If there’s no electricity to be had, which might be a real possibility as the climate change geniuses try to phase out carbon-based and nuclear energy, your Tesla stays in the driveway. You buy a hybrid, you pay for two power houses, batteries and a gasoline engine. When your battery gives out you switch over to your carbon-based gasoline engine, if you can still buy, or afford gasoline. Hey, two is better than one, right?

And there’s the hook, when the sun doesn’t shine, or the wind doesn’t blow, the miles and miles of green energy producing farms, that could easily be replaced by a nuclear power plant, or two, don’t produce any energy and your lights go out, the Internet goes down, the refrigerator stops refrigerating, and, worst of all, no cable TV. In other words, no more circuses, and the natives grow restless when there are no circuses to keep them entertained.

So, what’s the answer to that? A back-up power source – either fossil fuel-based or nuclear. However, once we rid ourselves of nuclear power and all those carbon-based energy sources, you’ll be SOOL. (Don’t make me translate that, please).

Think California and rolling black-outs on a massive scale.

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