Mail-In Elections: WTH Happened to Our Republic?

I have gone on record, elsewhere, stating that if Joe Biden is declared the victor of the 2020 Presidential Election, that I would admit that I had read “We the People incorrectly, would the inevitable, and, for the most part, go dark on mist of my social media sites. In other words, I was finished trying to change minds when it appeared that the country was moving away from people who thought like me. I would spend my days pursuing other things, including family.

That said, I must state that, as of yet, I have failed top see what appears to be a fair election.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Lincoln apologist.

Allow me, please, to be brutally frank… The Republican Party, of which I was a registered member until 2016, was started as an ”opposition party.” Abraham Lincoln emerged as its leader. Lincoln was no peace-nik. When events unfolded that he perceived to be a threat to his beliefs, regarding the Republic, that I believe he honestly loved, he went to war. It is my firm opinion that he started that war. Any differing opinions that we hold about that are water under the bridge and not germane to my point.

After the events of Fort Sumter, where no soldiers died, other than lives lost in a mishap when the shenanigans of the Union commander to fire off a salute when lowering the flag went awry, Lincoln found his reason to go to war to ”preserve the Union.” He then marched into Virginia and began a conflagration that resulted in over a million dead and total destruction of the economy, for years to come, of the seceded southern states.

Again, this is neither a critique or justification of those actions. I raise these points to ask, ”Where the hell is the Republican Party as we watch the perpetration of the stealing of an election through the fraud of Vote-By-Mail?”

If a general election, as we’ve practiced them for years, through foreign and domestic wars and pandemics like the Spanish Flu, was conducted and Joe Biden won… so be it. But I ask, how does what we see going on represent that?

I will accept the winner of a fair election, I will not accept the results of the scam we see being carried out before our eyes while we are told there is nothing to be seen here.

Allow me to append this to help make my point…

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