Who Is At Risk From COVID?

The United States under the auspices of Doktor Faki and the American taxpayer, funded the making of a very contagious virus in the labs at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China. Undoubtedly, the virus has killed, but mostly the elderly and the infirm. It has been stated that the average age of those dying from the virus in the United States is actually higher than the average normal life expectancy in the US. The average life expectancy in the US is about 78-1/2 years of age. As for the average age of those dying from COVID? Well, as I suspected going in, that number was going to be hard to pinpoint. Why? Is somebody trying to hide something? I don’t really know but I have my suspicions and GOOGLE is no help. Here’s some of what I did find… (all from individual studies, no real aggregates):

One study:

  • Among 56 public health departments contacted by CDC, (only) 16provided supple­mentary data on 10,647 COVID-19 deaths that occurred during February 12–April 24, 2020.
  • 74.8% of those 10,647 deaths occurred in people aged 65-years or older.
  • Of the decedents, 9,997 resided in New York City, New Jersey, and Washington State.
  • Of those 9,997 in the three jurisdictions above, the median age of decedents was 75.
  • Of the remainder, spread out over 13 jurisdictions, the median age of decedents was 78.

In the ensuing DemPanic, we encouraged Big Pharma to come up with a vaccine and promised a full release of liability on the part of Big Pharma for deaths or bad reactions due to the rushed-to-market product. What could possibly go wrong with the promise of mucho $$$ for a rushed medication?

At this time, the vaccine is still unapproved by the FDA, thus only available via an EUA, Emergency Use Authorization. The EUA is another problematic issue as there are currently other known treatments that have worked well against the effects of the virus, but that’s another scandal. Additionally, while the promise was that the vaccine would bring life back to normal and protect against the spread of the virus, the opposite seems to be the case. Now we are being told that the vaccine will not stop the spread of the virus but will mitigate some of the bad results, like hospitalization. In fact, that’s exactly what the available alternative treatments do – Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and steroid treatments. Unfortunately, to protect the profits of Big Pharma, the alternative treatments have become taboo and doctors prescribing such “voodoo” have been threatened and cancelled. And masks and social distancing are coming back. How many more lives, small businesses, and educational opportunities can we destroy?

Finally, there is the problem with the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database. The problem with VAERS is that, historically, it has been understood that due to the difficulty in reporting and diagnosing, the VAERS has only reported about 10% of actual cases. Additionally, even with the low number of reactions and deaths due to the COVID vaccines being reported, it has been stated that the numbers for the COVID vaccine reactions/deaths are higher than all other reporting of other vaccines combined, to date. Some dispute this factoid. As I stated above, GOOGLE is no help and, thus, truth is hard to find these days.

Fact: the H1N1 vaccine was pulled after thousands contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome and 54 deaths. So why the push to get everyone vaccinated against a virus that seems, for the most part, to adversely affect only the very elderly and infirm? Would that we were as concerned about a million abortions a year that snuff out the life of innocents before they have ever taken a breath nor seen the light of day, as opposed to our concern for those who have already lived beyond the normal life expectancy?

In other words, WTH is going on?

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