The Republican Party is D.O.A

It’s 2022, and as the ambulance carrying the GOP approaches the Emergency Room entrance, the Republican Party is in danger of being reported as D.O.A. in 2024. The, seemingly, MAGA base has begun to unwind. The Trump vs. DeSantis argument is beginning to become extremely vitriolic and stands to derail both candidates by the timeContinue reading “The Republican Party is D.O.A”

It Ain’t Your GrandPa’s Gun Control

Gun Control ain’t about Controlling Guns, it’s all about Controlling People Let’s be clear, the gun control lobby has one objective: to remove firearms from the hands of law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to control the free flow of such amongst criminals for whom violence is a way of life. Sure, we see theContinue reading “It Ain’t Your GrandPa’s Gun Control”

Population Demographics 101

Houston… we have a problem. Unfortunately, most people don’t know it, or are distracted by other more immediate problems. But the issue I refer to is much worse than immediate problems because immediate problems can possibly be circumvented by changing one’s response or reaction and thus produce a differing outcome. The problem I refer to,Continue reading “Population Demographics 101”

Gender Issues Have Me Asking Myself… What’s Wrong With Me?

I am the happy father of six children – three girls and three boys: G-B-G-B-B-G. Does this admission require an apology on my part? My youngest child is 28 and my oldest child is 45. I have seven grandchildren, so far. I was present, up close and personal, and held, each of my children atContinue reading “Gender Issues Have Me Asking Myself… What’s Wrong With Me?”

The Social Security Admin makes Charles Ponzi look like an Amateur

It’s time to clarify something… again, there is no social security fund. Here’s how social security currently operates, and has since Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The SSA pays social security recipients from yearly gross receipts collected from payees at the rate of 12.4%. If one is employed by an employer and receives a W2, the employeeContinue reading “The Social Security Admin makes Charles Ponzi look like an Amateur”

The People’s Power of the VETO!

All three branches of government have some type of “veto power.” Legislative Branch – If the Executive branch vetoes legislation that the Legislature is intent on instituting as law, the Legislative Branch, with a super majority, can override the Executive’s veto… a sort of veto of the veto. Executive Branch – As mentioned above, theContinue reading “The People’s Power of the VETO!”

Only the Government Needs Guns… and Other Lies I’ve Been Told

“Only the government should have guns.” (mantra of progressives who seek total control) Where do we find this information, that only the government should have guns? I can find nothing even close in the Constitution – the Law of the Land. In fact, the only place I find “arms” addressed in the Constitution states theContinue reading “Only the Government Needs Guns… and Other Lies I’ve Been Told”

NEVERTHELESS, We Have a Better Way

As Americans, many of us are familiar with the thinking of our Founding Fathers and thus gain understanding of our natural, God-given rights and their unalienable nature. Some of those rights include: 1. Life 2. Liberty 3. Property 4. the Pursuit of Happiness 5. Freedom to practice religion as we see fit 6. Freedom ofContinue reading “NEVERTHELESS, We Have a Better Way”