I Only Subscribe to Negative Campaigning…

Seems strange, huh? Allow me, please…

Let’s be honest, candidates are not renowned for “speaking truth,” a catch phrase that has been picked up by DEM VP hopeful, Kamala Harris, and frankly would seem to contradict everything else I’ve heard from her. For instance, in, I believe, in the second Dem Primary Debate, Kamala Harris trounced Joe Biden, with facts about his past. Fast Forward, Harris is now Biden’s bosom buddy in to attempt to wrest the country away from “We the People.” When she later appeared on one of the late-night talk shows (I think it was Colbert, but no matter), the obvious question had to be asked by even those in the barrel for Biden and the Dems. It, essentially, went like this:

Host – ‘Didn’t you call Joe Biden a racist and negatively attack him over his accomplishments?’
K.H. – ‘Yes.’
Host – ‘So how is it you’re now his running mate and together are thick as thieves?’
K.H. – ‘It was a debate.’
Host – ‘So you were lying?’
K.H. – ‘It was a debate.’

Even the liberal host was a little taken aback. The bottom line, after they worked it out was that you do whatever you have to do to win. So much for Kamala Harris “speaking truth.

Back to my point… Candidates for office lie, especially when campaigning in an election. Whether it is intended or it just comes with the territory, sort of the unintended consequences of running for office, they lie. They lie about what they’ve done, they lie about what they are going to do, and they lie about their opponents. Thus, my point…

I am not interested in any candidate telling me what they will do… that is an unknown and, usually, a load of crap. My word to political candidates: Tell me what you’ve done. I will then fact-check your claims and plot what I think your trajectory will be from there, informing me of what to expect in the future from you. As for your claims about your opponent, usually referred to as “negative campaigning” … yes, bring it on. I want to hear your criticisms of your opponent and then I will do my due diligence to check and form my own decisions, true or false, I will form my own judgment.

There is no such thing as a civilized political race where, rather than tear down their opponents, candidates are civil to one another and tell us what they will do and how they will solve problems. Don’t you get it? That’s all Bullshit. Just like Kamala Harris said, “you say and do whatever you need to say and do to win.” Civilized discourse is not he prize… winning is.

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