“1984” from a Female Perspective? Seriously? Come On, Man.

It’s my understanding that the George Orwell estate has given the green light to “reimagining” Orwell’s “1984” classic from a female perspective.

Okay, I get the possibility of a Jane or Jamie Bond, or the idea of a Madam President, or a GI Jane or Joey, but “1984“?

“!984,” as well as being a science fiction story about a dystopian, tyrannical future, is a political treatise about the overreach and jack-booted methods of big government. In fact, a large portion of the middle of the book is Orwell’s treatise on government gone awry.

Yes, the main protagonist was a man, but isn’t that incidental to the story? The second character was Winston’s girlfriend, Julia. It seems to me they both were roped into the scam by Big Brother. They were both tortured, and I’d assume that Julia denied Winston just as Winston denied Julia, when confronted by his greatest fear, the rat-infested face-cage. What was Julia’s greatest fear? I don’t know.

If we’re going to make Julia the main protagonist, and Winston the second protagonist, shouldn’t we replace Big Brother with Big Sister as the main antagonist? Or are we prepared to say that that role belongs only to a man because women could never be that evil?

So, how do we tell this story from a female perspective? Do we fixate on the fact that in the world of Big Brother or Big Sister, women are denied free and unrestrained access to abortion? Do we obsess over the fact that Julia can’t get government-supplied free birth control and/or free feminine products in every public bathroom?

And how will a female perspective imposed upon “1984” change anything about George Orwell’s tirade against overreaching government?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

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