Notes from the CoronApocalypse Front – 6. Only In America

Remember the CoronApocalypse? Yeah, I know, seems like it was a million years ago, but it eventually came back around in my rolodex, so here we go.

Well, Dr. Fauci is back at it. He ‘called the coronavirus his “worst nightmare” and warned that the fight against its spread is far from over.’

So, how are we faring?

  • US represents 4.25% of the world’s population.
  • US (still) has 27.5% of world’s COVID cases.
  • US (still) has 27.5% of world’s COVID deaths.

Which makes me think…

  • Everything is changing… Nothing has changed.
  • “The Song Remains the Same.”
  • “Same as it ever was.”

I think I’m starting to get this whole cliché thing down.

Okay, so those numbers are before we see the surge in numbers due to the triumvirate of George Floyd events – “peaceful protesters,” rioters, and looters. Again, from the flip-flopping Fauci, we are told that the George Floyd Protests provide (the) “perfect recipe” for new coronavirus surges.

Now, when those numbers hit, remember that we were told, by “scientists,” and our, so-called, “wise leaders,” that it was not safe to “peacefully protest” against economically crushing “stay-at-home” orders, take your kids to the park, get a haircut, or go to a wedding or funeral, but it was extremely important to set aside all such overreaching government mandates to allow the mindless bots to take to the streets and walk in large crowds, loot all manner of businesses, torch and overturn cars, and burn buildings to the ground.

Allow me to take an emotionally-based argument and flip it on its head. When people expressed disdain for continued lock-downs, basing arguments on Constitutional Rights, we were treated to this type of highly-subjective logic, “Well, you can’t exercise your rights if you’re dead.”

Brilliant! Let me take a shot… To all those that said the effects of “systemic racism” in America are so harmful that the risks of spreading the virus do not compare to doing nothing or putting off the protests until it is safer to gather in large groups, I say…

”You can’t enjoy the panacea of equality that you think you can foster by protesting, looting, and rioting… IF YOU’RE DEAD!”

Only in America.

P.S. – a short postscript, Dr. Fauci still hangs his hopes on the development of a vaccine and warns we cannot place price controls on any, ultimate, vaccine because that will impede development. Open your wallets, people.

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I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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