Who Represents Conservatives in Congress?

Which Republicans are standing up and condemning ANTIFA and “black lives matter”? The only Republican I’ve seen do anything was Mitt Romney and he was marching with them, expressing his fealty by reciting the racist mantra, “black lives matter.” Some people never learn.

There were black shop owners in ravaged areas who thought posting “This is a Minority Owned Business” signs in their shop windows might shield them from the looting and the burning. That only shows how little understood this movement is, even by those it purports to support.

That’s how I see Mitt Romney. Of all people, he has a lot to answer for from these people who see things so radically different from him. Maybe he thinks if he throws in with them, they’ll give him a pass. Thugs do not see things that way. When his usefulness is over, they will come for him and his earlier capitulation to them will only make it worse for him, they have no respect for sniveling cowards.

Just say, “Wait, don’t all lives matter?” and you’ll find out pretty quickly what “black lives matter” really means.

So, I ask again, with the possible exception of President Trump, where are the Republican leaders who should be condemning what is going on? I am sick and tired of people saying that there is universal agreement that what happened to George Floyd was, by all accounts, horrible. If there’s universal agreement, why do we have to keep saying it?

And how about David Dorn, a black business owner, and a retired police officer, who was killed in front of a friend’s business by a black rioter? Is there universal agreement that his murder was an act of despicable violence and cowardice? Then why has no “black lives matter” leader said so?

It’s clear that the Democrat Party has greased the wheels of its own destruction but the Republicans will have hell to pay, as well. Democrats are midstream in the destruction of our Republic while Republican legislators sit back and watch thinking, like Mittens Romney, that they will get a pass.

I, for one, am mad as hell over the lack of response of the Republican Party to the present crisis, and I’m not gonna take it anymore. The Republican Party’s ”lead from behind” attitude will be remembered and will not play well in November.

Republicans, you have been put on notice, what will you do?

PostScript: One person, I follow, put it this way:
Anarchists: Declaring sovereign territory. Tearing down statues. Banning movies. Rioting.
Republicans: Tweeting.

The fact is, conservatives no longer have representation in the Congress.

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I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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