The 2nd Amendment and What Do Rights Have to do with Anything?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed (2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States).

the right” … is there any place in the Constitution, or any of the writings of the Framers of our government, where “the right” mentioned in the 2nd Amendment is established?

Any serious student, who bothers to engage in an objective reading of our Founding documents and the written dialogue of and between our Framers, would be hard-pressed to arrive at any other conclusion that the aforementioned “right… to keep and bear arms” was never thought to have been established by our government. In fact, any serious reading of the Founders will establish, for anyone that is concerned about honesty, that the “right… to keep and bear arms” not only predated the founding of the United States of America but was considered to be a natural right, God-given, and was codified in English law as part of the “castle doctrine”.

There it is, so it is important to understand that any legislation passed on the Federal or State level is, not only an infringement on the “right”, but clearly unconstitutional.

Joe Biden and his progressive hordes need to tread very carefully here. Any talk about 2nd Amendment Rights is bullshit and nothing more than a smokescreen. The 2nd Amendment does not establish any ”right,” rather it is a warning, a mandate, to government that it has no authority to interfere in the God-given, natural right of “We the People” to “keep and bear arms.”

I am a legal, law-abiding gun owner. I enjoy the sport of going to the firing range and hitting a target at bullseye from a distance of 100 to 300 yards. The firearm of choice to do that is an AR-15. It is not an automatic firearm; it is not a battlefield firearm. In fact, if the military called on me to go door to door in in some god-forsaken city in Iraq, with my semi-automatic AR-15, I would not only be very concerned for my safety, I would absolutely refuse to comply with any such suicidal request. Finally, I keep firearms to protect my home and family, that is my God-given, natural right.

I have never been arrested. I have never broken any law with any of my firearms. I have never pointed any of my firearms at anyone. My firearms are safely locked away in my home.

Why is it then that every time some criminal goes nuts with a firearm some politician’s knee-jerk reaction is to establish another layer of unconstitutional restrictions upon legal, and law-abiding, gunowners instead of doing something to keep criminals off the streets?

Why do elected officials think that they can reduce gun violence by attempting to confiscate firearms I am permitted to “keep and bear” via natural right, a right they swear to protect in their oath of office and, essentially, make me a criminal for owning such firearms?

I am an American citizen. I will not be made a criminal. Therefore, I will refuse any unconstitutional restrictions of my rights.

One final point needs to be made as a postscript. While we might agree that natural rights are God-given, so-called “rights,” even God-given rights, cannot always be exercised absent a fight. Our Founders believed in a certain set of unalienable rights, amongst them, the freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to be free in one’s home from governmental intrusion and seizure of property, etc. Unfortunately, their British overlords were not as jealous for these expressed rights the colonists thought dear as the colonists would have liked them to be. So, the colonists had to go to war and fight for those rights.

Today, the traditional rights that many Americans have held as sacrosanct for years are frowned upon and we are having a new set of “basic human rights” foisted upon us. Just one example, we are told that the right to medical treatment is a basic human right. Whether we agree or not, we will eventually be forced to pay for and provide that service to those unable or unwilling to pay, at the point of a gun or the threat of a prison cell. In the end we will all have to decide which rights we are willing to fight for.

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