Notes from the CoronApocalypse Front – 4. Kidz and Face Masks

The, so-called, “experts,” you know, the elitists, the Bill Gates’ disciples, the HollyWeirds, etc., have been telling us for years that TV video games, computers, hand-held electronic devices, cell-phones, and the Internet, in general, are bad for children and are creating a generation of social misfits who lack the social skills to responsibly interact with others.

These same Idiot-Savants are now telling us that children can’t play together, can’t go to the park or a playground, and can’t go to school. When they finally decide it’s safe to resume such activities, the “social-scientists” tell us, children will be required to wear masks. So much for social interaction, right?

Finally, what kind of masks do they want children to wear six hours a day, where they will be expected to wash their hands frequently and not touch their faces?

I have heard the real experts discuss masks and isolation techniques. The first thing to note is the idea of the “Magic Tee” when discussing facial covering to avoid infection. Draw a “T” on your face. The vertical bar goes across your eyes and the horizontal bar proceeds from the middle of the vertical bar, just above the bridge of your nose, down to your chin. That is the area that is the most vulnerable to infection. I’ve heard some even mention the ears. Look around… how many people wearing masks have sufficient eye-covering, as well? When you identify them, notice how many have ear coverings.

So again, what kind of masks do those “afraid of their own shadow” types propose school children wear for six hours a day? Furthermore, if you’ve ever seen reports of “zero-tolerance” rules in schools where young children are carted away by police for forming their fingers into a gun or biting their food to look like guns, then imagine what the policy will be for children that remove their masks, for whatever the reason. Do you have a seven-year old? Can you imagine him or her wearing a mask for six hours? And what of early child-care that the “social experts” have demanded we’ve needed for years, so that mothers can drop off their children and go to work “struggle for the legal tender”? Will toddlers be outfitted with face coverings? Or will early child care facilities die as a result of the CoronApocalypse?

Israeli kids wearing face masks play in a field at HaSharon Park, in Hadera on March 23, 2020. Photo by Chen Leopold/Flash90

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