Notes from the CoronApocalypse – Vol 5: Science and Safety versus Raw Obedience

It’s time to be brutally honest: the “shutdowns” are not about “safety” or “science” anymore, if they ever were, for that matter. It’s, really, all about whether “We the People” will continue to “bend the knee,” to obey the tyrannical proclamations of our “dear leaders,” those on our payroll who do not understand it’s their job to make sure nothing interferes with our liberties but, rather, think it is their job to interfere with our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, much of which, by the way, comes through hard and honest work.

Consider this story as it was related to me: a woman in New Jersey had attempted to open her retail store and received a visit from the Jack-Booted Enforcers; she was told she was in violation of the governor’s edicts and would have to close up shop. She complied and locked the door. However, she remained inside of her locked-down store, with one employee, adhering to all the social distancing guidelines we’ve been force-fed, of course. Locked safely away, she proceeded to employ a video camera to display “non-essential stuff” online; you know, work stuff. Somebody espied her and dropped a dime on her.

Apparently, the bewitching hour came and went and she, and her employee, remained inside the store, locked away, of course, for the safety of the public.

Okay, here’s where it gets completely “unscientific.” NJ Governor Murphy has, with the aid of “scientists” and “experts,” I’m sure, figured out that it is unsafe to be working after 8:00 PM. The dreaded COVID19, much like a vampire, comes out in force as twilight begins to fall and does not recede, back into whatever cave it hides in during the day, until the light of day begins to dawn.

Now, tell me, what is either safe or scientific about any of that?

But wait, if you order right now, you get another item free, just pay shipping costs. Seriously though, it gets better. The woman, apparently, “was displaying her merchandise in her store to a live Facebook audience,” when the police arrived. She was told that she couldn’t “be open after 8:00 because of the executive order and” that she had “to wear a mask” on her face. When she asked about the ‘multitude of complaints’ that the officers were responding to, in other words, who was complaining, the officer told her “he couldn’t reveal that because they were sealed.”

When the store owner, with three children to feed, something that our governor, Phil Goldman-Sachs Murphy, does not seem to comprehend, pointed out the “CLOSED” sign in the window, that she was not open for business to the public, and that the only place she could sell was online, the officer explained that she was she was still “operating” from within the store after 8 p.m. That, you see, is against the RULES.

Is there an upside to this story? Sorta, kinda… it’s reported that the officer in question, called the next day “to apologize.” He told the storeowner that she “was 100 percent in the right.”

Too little, too late, in my opinion. If you’re going to throw you weight around as an authority on the law, figure out what the law is all about before acting the Jack-Booted Ass “just following orders.”

I reiterate, it is not about “safety” or “science,” it’s about something much more.

Go ahead… Change My Mnd!

NJ Shop Owner’s Live FaceBook Stream Shut Down by Local Police

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2 thoughts on “Notes from the CoronApocalypse – Vol 5: Science and Safety versus Raw Obedience

  1. I’ve always hoped that our police and military would act like citizens of a free country when challenged to act in opposition to our Constitutional. I’m so disappointed in reading about those who act like “I’m just following orders” enforcers during WWII.

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