Vaccine Passports: the Real Man Behind the Curtain

Fact: The COVID_19 vaccine is not FDA approved.

Fact: The COVID_19 vaccine received the FDA’s EUA – Emergency Use Authorization.

Let me be very, very clear, less there be any misunderstanding of my intent, this posting is not about conspiracy-theory. It might be about a conspiracy, because there is a massive cover-up going on, but this is not conspiracy-theory posting.

The fact is that the COVID_19 vaccines are in the third, and longest portion of the approval process, Phase Three Human Trials. That phase of the process is expected to go on for, possibly, another two years.

One of the caveats of an EUA approval is that there are no other treatment alternatives to the virus/disease being treated by the emergency-approved treatment, thus the emergency-use treatment approval. Do we now begin to understand why anyone suggesting the use of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, or other steroids, as treatment for the virus, had to be shut down? In other words, you can’t hook up the “emergency-use” horse to the virus cart when the “alternative-treatment” horse is already hooked up. The “alternative use” horse has to be removed and put down, so to speak.

I realize that some here have received the vaccination already and it is not my intention to denigrate such a decision. I hope and pray that everyone who has made the decision, or is still deciding whether, to vaccinate did so, or is doing so, with careful thought and reflection, especially with regard to the possibility of long-range effects.

I do wish to draw attention to a very important point of this whole “mess” that seems to have been glossed over, and you can make your own decision as to why. Human trials are part of the introduction of any new medicine into our arsenal of “wonder drugs” developed to fight disease and extend life and quality of life, but… individuals who enter the trial phase of a new med are fully informed about what they are doing and that the medicine they are receiving is experimental, and have given their consent to participate. It’s called “transparency,” a very over-used word. In fact, full disclosure about experimental medications is a requirement of human trials of experimental medications as demanded by the Nuremberg Code. Trial volunteers, therefore, enter the trial with full knowledge and understanding of what they are doing. Any less would be immoral, unethical, and… illegal.

Enter the mad rush to vaccinate the world against a virus that kills, for the most part, only the very old and infirm, with an experimental drug, the long-range effects of which are, as yet, still unknown.

Ultimately, the question arises, if you were vaccinated, did you do so after being fully informed that you were receiving an experimental treatment and that you were essentially becoming part of the largest Phase Three Human Trials, of an experimental vaccine, in history? Additionally, if you are considering vaccination, are you aware of all this I have shared?

The video contained in the attached LRC article features Dr. Mike Yeadon. If you have any desire to watch the one-hour Q & A session, you won’t be disappointed. I typically don’t do videos, especially long videos. I watched the entire video. At the end he discusses Vaccine Passports which might be the “real man behind the curtain.” If you’re wondering why you should pay any attention to Dr. Mike Yeadon, I won’t try to defend my recommendation of him, look him up yourself, then decide whether he’s worth listening to.

To conclude, I want to mention, as I said, the real “man behind the curtain,” that I did not give enough credence to as I began to write this post while simultaneously watching the video.

As a vaccinated person the “vaccine passport” serves no purpose to your well-being… you’re vaccinated, remember? Neither does the “vaccine passport” serve any purpose to the unvaccinated person. If you’ve chosen to forgo the vaccination, then you’ve accepted the risk that such a decision entails. If you’re unvaccinated and still concerned about catching the virus, get the vaccine or stay home. So, who does the vaccine passport benefit? If you’ve read 1984 and frequently pointed to recent occurrences as fulfillments of Orwell’s nightmare, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. The “vaccine passport” is the real beginning of 1984 in our time.

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