The Raw Green Deal

The government wants us all to drive electric cars. On top of that, the government wants to phase out energy created by coal, oil, and natural gas. In addition to all that, the idiots driving this green energy bus don’t like nuclear power, probably the greenest of all energy. Let’s explore…

To generate 1,000 megawatts of electricity would require a nuclear plant with a one square mile footprint. To generate the same power using solar technology would require 75 square miles. To generate the same 1,000 megawatts with wind turbine technology would require 360 square miles. And then the sun’s gotta shine and the wind’s gotta blow. Ignore the environmental impact in the manufacture and operation of solar panels or wind turbines, and the impact of dedicating all that land to these schemes. And what of the EOL (End of Life) crisis we will face in 20 or 30 years? Or is it too difficult to think that far ahead?

Currently, in states that have pursued green power generation, customers are asked to endure planned, rotating power outages. Let’s take more fossil-fuel power generating stations off line and add a million, or so, more power needy electric cars to the equation.

Audi has announced it will be all-electric by 2026. Will all the disadvantaged people that the idiots driving this madness claim are being hurt by climate change, thus necessitating the mad rush to electric cars, be buying electric Audis? Or will they keep their Teslas?

Remember Obama’s “Cash For Clunkers” program, officially known as CARS, Car Allowance Rebate System? Let’s establish a few truths…

1. People who buy new cars don’t usually drive them until the car is junk. They trade them in while the cars still have some value and get new cars.

2. What happens to those still valuable used cars that are traded in? They’re usually sold to people who can’t afford a new car.

3. When you offer people, already advantaged enough to afford a new car, a deal to get a new car at a discount by giving them more than their used car is worth and then incentivize the car dealer to sell new cars upon promise to crush the still valuable used car, what happens? The pool of cars that are affordable to the disadvantaged shrinks and the advantaged come out smelling like a rose.

4. Who did Obama’s scheme help? New Car Companies and those who had the scratch to buy a new car. Who did it hurt? Well, you know…

How stupid are people? Pretty stupid, or at least the advertisers assume such. Tesla attempts to market its vehicles by claiming the listed cost of $XX to buy the vehicle is actually only $X-$Y. Okay, part of the savings, that -$Y part, is a credit on your income taxes to the tune of the sales tax. That’s real. But when Tesla claims another $3k savings, or whatever is claimed, based on what you won’t be spending on gasoline, that’s pure BS. And what’s the cost to add the 50 amp charging station in your garage and the cost of the electricity to power your new electric car? And, in the end, who pays for that tax rebate? Well, the guy who can’t afford a Tesla shares the burden with the guy who can.

Look, if, so-called, “green energy” is such a great idea, let the people buying into it pay the freight instead of making the rest of us pay for what is “not ready for prime time” yet.

Go ahead… Change My Mind!

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