Death-ocrats Love Abortion

Definition of abort (Entry 1 of 2) – verb

intransitive verb

to bring forth stillborn, nonviable, or premature offspring

to become checked in development so as to degenerate or remain rudimentary

to terminate a procedure prematurely

transitive verb

to induce the abortion of or give birth to prematurely

to terminate the pregnancy of before term

to stop in the early stages

Definition of abort (Entry 2 of 2) – noun

the premature termination of a flight (as of an aircraft or spacecraft), a mission, or an action or procedure relating to a flight

To abort an unborn human being is to cause the human body to reject the living being within, to cut short the term of the developing human being. The verb definitions above identify that to abort is to bring forth prematurely, thus aiding the body in ejecting, or rejecting, the fetus which might not be able to live on its own. The action, again, as explained in the definition is when the attendant induces the body to reject the fetus, to cut short the term of gestation. The normal consequences of aborting a child too early in the gestation period is the death of that child that is not able to survive outside the womb.

What is missing here is the procedure that has become part and parcel of a later-term abortion that precipitates the removal of the fetus by first killing it. Killing the fetus is not the abortion, it is the ending of the life prior to the abortion, the removal of the fetus, and sometimes precipitates the removal because the fetus is too large to be removed intact.

In the definition of “abort” as a noun, we learn that a test pilot who begins experiencing difficulties can cut a test flight short and hopefully land the test plane safely. No part of aborting the test mission includes purposely crashing the test plane to earth as the means of aborting the mission. If that occurs it is usually an accidental consequence of the test mission gone wrong. In fact, often, aborting a test mission is done to preserve the unit under test to test it another day, not destroy it.

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2 thoughts on “Death-ocrats Love Abortion

  1. I’m a little behind in reading these blogs of yours. This one, in particular, is good. It won’t change the opinions of most of those who favor abortion as a form of birth control. Still, it is a clear explanation of what abortion truly is without resorting to religious arguments. Not that religious arguments are unimportant; they have no meaning to the non-religious.


    1. Yeah, I get it. Most of what we do and say, especially in these times, is in an echo chamber. It’s a slow process to change the world but somebody’s gotta do it… or die tryin’. 🙂 BTW, I’ve always believed my writing was good, now I’ve got a corroborating witness, making two of us… Only 7,999,999,998 to go.


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