The Republican Party is D.O.A

It’s 2022, and as the ambulance carrying the GOP approaches the Emergency Room entrance, the Republican Party is in danger of being reported as D.O.A. in 2024.

The, seemingly, MAGA base has begun to unwind. The Trump vs. DeSantis argument is beginning to become extremely vitriolic and stands to derail both candidates by the time we reach the general election.

Let’s add another thread to that problem. Former President Trump has been rightly heralded as the most pro-life president in history. He forwarded the nominees that turned the false privacy argument, the foundation of Roe v Wade, on its head.

Admittedly, I’d love to see a president go further in the advancement of the protection of all human life, but…

There’s something in the Constitution that forbids such action:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.10th Amendment

Apparently, a large pro-life group, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America (SBA Pro-Life), has taken umbrage with Trump’s statement that abortion “…is an issue that should be left to the States.” SBA Pro-Life has called Trump’s stance a “morally indefensible position for a self-proclaimed pro-life presidential candidate.” “Self-Proclaimed Pro-life” is truly an astonishing label for the man who did more for the Pro-Life movement than all other previous presidents combined.

There appears to be a purely-political component to this issue. SBA Pro-Life appears to be giddy over a speech given at the group’s headquarters, by Nikki Haley, earlier this week. In response to Haley’s speech, SBA Pro-life is basing its support for Haley based on what it says is, “Haley’s commitment to acting on the American consensus against late-term abortion by protecting unborn children by at least 15 weeks when they can feel excruciating pain.”

Fact: Haley hadn’t even outlined her abortion commitment when SBA Pro-Life issued that glowing endorsement. Furthermore, nobody considers Haley, who has dismal support even in her home state, as a serious presidential contender. While it is unsaid, most consider her to be running for the Vice-Presidency.

When SBA Pro-Life was reminded that Haley had never actually outlined any commitment to banning abortion at 15 weeks in her “canned” speech, SBA Pro-Life responded with its assurance that “she would set national consensus at 15 weeks.” How? That explanation might be above SBA’s pay-grade, so to speak.

One must remember that Pro-Life groups, like Pro-2nd Amendment groups, have become big business. I am an NRA member but do not take its phone calls. Likewise, I do not contribute to national pro-life groups. If I have money to give, I will support local pregnancy advocate centers. National groups, whether pro-life or pro-gun, always have a crisis to address that requires my money.

The pro-life movement in deep red states, where severe abortion restrictions have already been imposed, finds itself in the position of being activists without an activity.

So, before going further, allow me to post this disclaimer: I am about as pro-life as one can get. I, personally, do not support the need for abortion in any situation. Abortion in the case of rape or incest focuses on making the innocent child, rarely conceived in such cases, the victim. So, we send the criminal to jail for a few years and kill the true victim. In the case of the woman, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of data suggesting that abortion was the answer they needed. Having been victimized once by the rapist, they are then victimized again by the abortion industry.

Is there a case for abortion to save a mother’s life? Doubtful. It has been stated by some, including a past Surgeon General, that they’d never seen a case that would justify abortion as a medical remedy.

The only real compassionate response to rape or incest is adoption. Don’t kill the innocent victim, give the unborn child a chance at life. As for a “true” medical emergency… crisis pregnancies are handled all the time. One of my daughter’s had one. Monitor the mother and child and, if the situation becomes so critical as to threaten life, take the child through caesarean section.

As for a true medical emergency regarding pregnancy, a tubal pregnancy, the fact is that this is not a normal development of the fetus. The fetus is outside the womb and cannot exist and develop there. This situation is the only case where the mother’s life is truly in danger. The child can not be left to develop in the fallopian tube until viable, time constraints decide that, so the removal of a fetus from the fallopian tube of the mother is essential.

So, there it is. What’s the point? I recognize that not all accept my views. What can be done? There are two options:

1. Voters in the individual states press for more restrictive abortion laws.

2. Pass a Constitutional Amendment protecting the unborn.

Given what I put up with as a pro-life conservative Christian for 45 years of Roe, I am extremely happy about what President Trump achieved. We should see it for what it is, a beginning.

Republicans had promised a reversal of Roe for years. To be clear, it was a Republican appointee dominated SCOTUS, under Nixon, that gave us the 7-to-2 Roe v Wade decision. Nixon appointed Chief Justice Warren Burger, and Associate Justices Harry Blackmun, Lewis Powell, and William Rehnquist to the court. There were six Republican president appointees on the Roe court but only one, William Rehnquist, voted against Roe. The other dissenter was, Byron White, a JFK appointee. Five Republican president appointees, voting with two Democrat president appointees gave us the 7-to-2 Roe decision. In fact, Nixon appointee, Harry Blackmun, wrote the majority opinion.

What have Republican presidents since Nixon given us? While Bush41 was pro-life in word, his wife, Barbara Bush, was pro-abortion. Likewise, Bush43’s pro-life stance didn’t seem to influence his family. His daughter, Barbara Pierce Bush, was the keynote speaker at a Texas Planned Parenthood fundraiser. Bush43’s wife, Laura Bush, in a Larry King interview, stated that she approved of same-sex marriage and was against overturning Roe v Wade, ignorantly stating, and forwarding the lie, that abortion was needed for medical reasons. It has been stated that 2% of abortions were due to health issues. Alternatively, 98% of abortions are usually due to personal choice, including sex-selection… and yet we had the gall to criticize the Chinese over their use of abortion.

So much for the promise of Republicans to rid us of Roe. Not until three appointees of President Trump joined the court did the injustice of Roe v Wade get righted. Not even Ronald Reagan came close to doing what Donald Trump did for pro-life Americans.

With Roe v Wade overturned, a lot of the pro-life money has dried up. The pro-life money changers see Trump as the one who entered their sacrosanct temple, where the sacred cow was set up to raise money for the pro-life issue, and overturned their tables as the reason for the cash flow ending.

Whatever the case with pro-life issues, pro-2nd Amendment issues, or other conservative viewpoints, the Republican Party certainly accomplishes what the Democrats have been unable to do… divide Republicans. What comes close to the Never-Trumper wing of the Republican Party?

Do you remember when the Democrats established the Never-Hillary or the Never-Biden movements? No, neither do I.

In early 1854, as the failing Whig Party dissolved, the Republican Party was established. By November, 1860, the young Republican Party had grown enough to take the presidential election. Can anyone deny that the current Republican Party stands in dire need of another 1854 moment?

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