“If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.”

The preceding quote was lifted from Federalist Paper #51. It is attributed to either Alexander Hamilton or James Madison.

The point is that the Founders, having just thrown off the bonds of the British monarchy, were not fond of centralized government but realized there existed a need for governance and so were attempting to find middle ground.

Allow me, please, to build on that analogy…

As a Christian first, and a conservative with libertarian leanings, I confess that I am not a big fan of law enforcement. For instance, the tendency for local police to militarize is troubling. I do, however, recognize the need in a civilized society for such. I, therefore, respect those who feel the call to work at that calling and realize that there are millions of good people working to keep society civil. Without fidelity to the Rule of Law, and support of Law Enforcement to keep the peace, society would descend into chaos and anarchy, in fact, that is what we are seeing in some of our cities. Each man then becomes a law unto himself doing what he sees as right in his own eyes with no adherence to a common standard.

Again, if men were angels, we would have no need for law enforcement. But that is exactly what groups like BLM are pushing for and that Democrats are agreeing to. The plan is to rid ourselves of law enforcement, from ICE and the DEA all the way down through local law enforcement.

Think about that long and hard as you prepare to vote.

Long Live The Republic!

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

3 thoughts on “IF MEN WERE ANGELS…

  1. What most people don’t do these days is any kind of research whatsoever about who they’re going to vote for, instead, they just vote for whoever they feel like voting for, whether that person is going to destroy their freedom by abolishing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights or defend them, they don’t care…most of them don’t even have a clue that those documents even exist and that’s the real tragedy going on in America today. But it’s not just the voters, it’s their representatives as well, who all too often have to refer to counsel to see what it says, or can I do th


  2. Wow…I didn’t even get to finish my last comment! Oh well. Now I’ve got to go back and get back to my train of thought I had while I was replying. I was about to edit that last sentence…to read, “…who all too often, refer to counsel to see what it says and whether or not what they intend to do is a violation of the people’s rights.”

    I’ve found that through experience with our representatives is that they’re very careful not to put anything into print that would violate anyone’s rights, but will take advantage of anyone who lacks the knowledge concerning their rights, they’ll also make sure not to answer any direct questions in any and all correspondence in relation to ones rights…makes me wonder if they actually realize that when they favor for the government, they’re actually favoring against themselves? I guess that doesn’t matter when you’re in a position of power with a corrupt federal judiciary at your disposal?

    (On a side note here, I found that by pressing the “Control key” and “Enter” at the same time will post your comment, which is not what happens on other social media platforms…just so you know, if you hadn’t already.)

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