Liberals making Abortion Safe & Rare for 47 Years now.

Liberals have their diapers in a knot over the 545, so-called, “kids ripped from their parent’s arms” at the border, and ignore the fact that many family members, when identified and contacted by authorities in an attempt to restore the kids to their real families, were not interested.

Now contrast that with, at least, 2,300 kids a day (a conservative estimate) ripped from their mother’s wombs. Not each year, not each month, and not each week… EVERY DAY! 2300!

But, or course, it’s a basic human right for a woman to spew her progeny onto the ground and treat it like dead matter. Too graphic? They also pay for this basic human right, or we pay. Because, although it’s a “right,” someone else has to provide it and that ain’t free.

Just like every other lie our politi-class has told us, they wanted abortion legalized so it could be safe and become “rare”…

Is the extermination of 60 million American Innocents, ripped from the womb before taking a breath or seeing the light of day, “rare” enough for you?

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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