PostScript to Elections

Lest I be misconstrued, I have not given up on the Constitution. I am fervent for the Republic and leaving a country, a life, and a healthy dose of American liberty behind so that my posterity will enjoy life as much as I have.

Given that, through my years I have observed the phenomenon that many people, whether voluntarily or due to ignorance of facts, ignore the obvious. I have, therefore, chosen to never avoid stating the obvious. The obvious, at this point, is that we need to do something about how we choose the people to whom we give authority. We need to return them to being servants of “We the People” and remove the idea that they are our overlords.

Additionally, the right to free speech, religion, and assembly, and the right to keep and bear arms, are not privileges extended to us by government, they are natural rights and God given. The Amendments that address those issues are not addressed to “We the People,” informing us of our rights, they are addressed to government, informing our leaders that the only job it has is to protect those rights, not infringe upon them.

That said, the understanding of the amendments has eroded and we have leaders threatening to infringe by legislation, as if they have that right. As a New Jersey resident, I can inform you that my rights to “keep and bear” have already been infringed and the response of many Americans, arguably, has been tepid to such overreach due to its incrementalism – the old frog in the saucepan syndrome.

However, there is a limit to how far we will be pushed. While others may see it differently, I do not consider myself a violent person. Sometimes my ridicule of the ridiculous, however, is misinterpreted as anger. It is not anger, it is ridicule of what I consider to be nonsense and nonsensical thinking. My news sources have been pared down to only the most necessary to keep myself informed. While I would never give a moment of time to the CNN’s and MSNBC’s of this world, I find that I have to turn off even conservative feeds when, in the reporting of the news, it’s necessary to air the idiocy of the left to make a point. I can’t take listening to the useful idiots anymore and I find myself turning my news sources off in disgust.

I have begun to think that we are moving into a “Night of the Long Knives” scenario. The calling for the punishment and cancellation of those who dare to question the Left has become rabid. We have two “major” political parties in this country, so since when did it become illegal and immoral to support the ideas of one party over the other when that other party gains the ascendancy? Are we okay with turning brother against brother, sister against sister?

Eh tu, Brute?

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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