The Thot Plickens

Vaccine Madness rages on in the face of natural immunity… or, Whatever Happened to Herd Immunity and when did it turn into Herd Mentality?

Disclaimer: I don’t do conspiracy theories.

That said, it is getting more and more difficult by the day to ignore the fact that there seems to be something extremely nefarious going on.

Think about what is now being imposed on:

Our Military: Vax or Leave

IOW: Uncle Sam DOESN’T Want You

Our Healthcare workers: Vax or Leave

IOW: These are the people we called “Heroes” a few short months ago. They labored amongst the infected, putting themselves at risk. Now… alle they get is a “thanks for you sacrifice,” but…

Our teachers: Vax or Leave Vaccine Madness (regardless of natural immunity)

Working Americans: Vax or Leave

IOW: We’ll take away your ability to earn a living

Americans in need of medical attention: Vax or No Transplant for you

Americans shopping for groceries: Vax or no shopping

Americans trying to get a meal: Vax or don’t eat here

If I tended to buy into conspiracy theories, I’d think something was up… like, there’s some nano-bot in the vaxx that gives control of the vaccinated to our “dear leaders.”

Crazy, I know… then WTH is going on?

(Remember, illegal immigrants and Afghan refugees are not required to be vaccinated.)

So, to be fair, a respected friend of mine made this comment:

” Could it be as simple as a simple-minded leader with a sycophantic cabinet, advisors and press?”

I get the sentiment but, at this point, that certainly seems simplistic and maybe a little naive from where I’m standing. The fact is, I would be hard pressed to find anyone whose opinion I trusted who still thinks that Joe Biden is leading anything. There are even those I wouldn’t trust who have implied it. The term “leader”, therefore, is a stretch. He appears to be little more than a figurehead.

As for a “sycophantic cabinet”… Typically a sycophant is performing in order to gain advantage. I don’t think that’s the case with Joe Biden. He is not running the show, so I’m not sure what advantage there is to be gained for someone by being willing to ingratiate themselves to him. How many times does he need to say, “I’ve been told I’m not to take any questions,” or something similar before we catch on?  He is being managed, manipulated, whatever term you prefer. In fact, I have seen multiple stories about his aides trying to protect him and zip him away from the press, etc., before he makes some harebrained statement that they will be forced to explain afterwards. He is a puppet. The question is, for whom, and, again, I don’t think it’s as simplistic as it being one person, like Obama. This is bigger than Obama.

No, there is something else going on here and I will keep digging and posting the absurdities I observe until I reach some logical conclusion that satisfies my curiosity.

I am a reasonable man so, please, Change My Mind!

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I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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