Black Lives Do NOT Matter… to Planned Parenthood and Liberal Leaders.

Planned Parenthood was established by racists with its mission to reduce the number of minority people in America and, in helping to achieve that goal, to limit the offspring of all minority peoples through birth control and abortion. That mission continues today, unabated, with the same fervor as ever. PP continues to set the majority of its facilities in areas to give access to minority neighborhoods.

Politicians tell us “black lives matter” but then want to set up minority business owners, in minority neighborhoods, in the legalized pot trade. Black single mothers, helped to become permanently dependent on government handouts supplied by hand-wringing liberals who chased all the good men away and created single-parent homes as the norm, not only have to contend with illegal drugs on the street but, in this scheme will also be confronted with neighbors selling legalized pot in their neighborhoods, helped along by a “compassionate” government.

In 2014, African-American women represented 13.3% of the US population but were the victims of abortion 35% of the time. Six-years later you can be assured of one thing… those numbers have not gone down and have probably increased as black women are convinced by their leaders, in cahoots with white liberals, that the wanton extermination of their innocent unborn, through abortion, will set them free.

So, why do black leaders, via the Democrat Party, provide for the extermination of their young by assuring PP that it will always have a home in the Democrat Party… I mean aside from all the money? Why do blacks vote, without question, for monsters who fight to keep them down? Why do blacks allow the people who made so many of their neighborhoods drug infested danger zones, those who championed welfare in place of a father and a functioning family, and now want to bring in legalized, taxable pot to the already decimated neighborhoods, continue to get away with such family-destroying schemes?

Was Joe Biden correct when he said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black”? Voting for Biden, is the logical extension of the black community continuing to vote for Democrats, ad nauseam, and the liberal policies that have wreaked havoc in the once proud neighborhoods of the African-American… is that all she wrote?

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Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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