Buy Back Better

I realize that Progressives are handicapped when it comes to higher order tasks, you know, like tasks that require simple math calculations. They usually do better with short three-or-four-word phrases that they repeat over and over again until they, themselves, actually believe them, like… “You’re a racist,” ad infinitum. So, I’m gonna try to simplify this…

Buy Back Better… That’s my official description of Joe Biden’s plan to orchestrate the world’s biggest gun confiscation in history.

The poster child of “assault weapons,” the inanimate object that every Progressive loves to hate, is the semi-automatic AR-15 sport and hunting rifle. How many are there in America? The most conservative estimates repeat a number of between 5-to-10 million amongst the almost 400 million civilian firearms in America. That number is beyond laughable. You see, the smaller the number the Democrats use, the easier it is to sell their message that such big, bad guns are weapons of war and need to be removed from our streets. Keep the estimate of how many there are low and it makes the task seem more doable. In other words, the scheme isn’t likely to start a full scale rebellion. At least, that’s how they want to portray it. Uh-huh…

Serious estimates of AR-15’s in the US include numbers like 14 million, 20 million, 30 million. In the end, nobody actually knows. Add to that many other semi-automatic, long guns out there. For instance, a 9mm semi-automatic carbine can fire as fast and as many lethal rounds as an AR-15. And that’s just one of many semi-automatic long guns available to Americans that the morons in Congress are trying to ban and, frankly, couldn’t differentiate between their… well, you know.

Handguns and shotguns aside though, there are probably, at least, 100 million long guns in the US. So, how many of them are semi-automatic and fit the technical description of what defines an AR-15? Does anyone really know how many guns fall into that category? Nope, it’s anybody’s guess.

So, riddle me this… how is a government program demanding that a lawful American surrender his or her personal property for some arbitrary amount of money considered a “buy back” program? Did the government sell any American his or her firearm? Well then how does the government demanding that one surrender one’s personal property, under threat of force from the end of a gun barrel, call that scheme a “buy back”?

To add to the confusion, where is the money that the government is using to “buy back” American’s property, under the threat of violence, that it did not sell them, coming from? Does the government have any money that it didn’t first take from taxpayers, or what it printed after promising that taxpayers would pay it back?

So, Biden and Co., think that the government that takes our money, will then demand Americans accept what it offers us back, from the pool of our money, to surrender our personal property to men at our doors, armed with semi-automatic or, more probably, automatic weapons? Hmmmm… seems plausible, right?

Now the hard part for these morons, the simple math.

What is the average worth of an AR-15, before it has been fitted out with the accessories, desired or needed by the owner, for the task at hand: hunting, competition, or target shooting?

It looks like the average, low-end, stripped-down price of an AR-15 is about $1,000. You can probably get one for less, but you can definitely spend a lot more for a nice, high-end piece. Then there are accessories, the most expensive being a tactical scope. Costs for scopes range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. The more expensive the firearm, the more one is willing to spend for a good tactical scope. In other words, “you don’t put lipstick on a pig.” Nor do you cheap out and put a $200 scope on a $2,500 firearm.

While tactical scopes for long guns are the most expensive accessory, that does not negate the fact that one can spend hundreds more for other accessories to outfit one’s sport, or hunting item, to make it comfortable and, thus, more fun and usable.

So, how much will it cost to “buy back” some 50 million semi-automatic long guns that fall into the category of an AR-15?

IMHO, 75 to 100 billion dollars? So, every man, woman, and child, except illegal immigrants, of course, will be charged $300 by the government to give gun owners an average of $2,000 when forcing them to surrender their personal property that might have cost them significantly more. How’s that gonna work? Good question, but the answer to that is probably above their pay grade.

Now let’s whittle the cost down, for obvious reasons, to taxpayers only. How about $666.(66666…) Ooh, that’s a scary number. Actually, given that the IRS rounds to the nearest dollar, it would actually be $667.

Finally, the US already has a purported debt of close to $30 trillion and an unfunded liability of $100 to $200 trillion, so the cash for Biden’s “Buy Back Better” program will have to be borrowed or, more likely, printed – I’m not even sure who’s still loaning us money. In any event, there will be interest charged and who knows what the amount will grow to before anybody attempts to pay it? And who, if anyone ever does have to pay it back, will that be?

Your grandchildren?

Okay, we can finally connect all the dots.

The government, in the person of Democrat operatives, will send armed law officers to our houses, who will demand that we surrender our personal property that they consider bad, even though they, themselves, will continue to use such items, and worse, to control us. Afterwards, at some point, the Dems will fire up the printing presses to print some 100 billion dollars to fund the “buy back.” Later, when our children are grown, with grown children of their own, who themselves are old enough to work, these are the Americans who will pay back the money Joe Biden used to “buy back” the guns he never sold us through his plan that is really nothing more than an unconstitutional gun confiscation scheme.

Buy Back Better” is DoubleSpeak at its best.

Go ahead, Change My Mind!


The first “Assault Weapons Ban” had two differences, in the form of clauses, from what they are telling us about what they want to do now.

  1. The Sunset Clause: This was a time limit placed on the legislation; it lasted ten years. The legislation, to remain in place, had to be renewed. Now, any piece of legislation can be revoked by a vote to do so but, in this case, the opposite was required: a vote to continue the legislation. If the legislation was not renewed, it was set to expire. And that’s what happened during the Bush43 presidency. If anything of the such is to be part of the new assault weapons ban being proposed, no one is telling us.
  2. The GrandFather Clause: This is the more problematic issue. The grandfather clause in the first assault weapons ban protected all, so-called, “assault weapons” already on the street. It only affected new sales and new manufacturing of the banned weapons. If that is the case now, someone would have to explain why “Bido and Beto” are screaming, “We’re coming for your AR-15.”

So, with the possibility of 10, 20, 30 million banned weapons on the street that these people are promising to confiscate, the question needs to be asked: Are these people that crazy? Or are they just that stupid? Okay, I’ll say it… Presumably, both.

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