Vote-By-Mail … The Democrat’s Scheme to Vote Early and Often

For years, and years, and years, through a domestic war, through foreign wars, and through a devastating pandemic, the Spanish Flu, we all voted at our local polling place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November.

At some point we decided we needed to have “early voting” which, this year, prompted the hashtag … #CanYouChangeYourVote. Apparently, some early voters were having “buyer’s remorse.”

That said, why in the hell did we decide we also needed “late voting,” after the official closing of the polls? People have had months and months to vote, and many did… almost 100 million, but Democrats decided that was still not enough time and if they were unable to keep collecting ballots until they had secured a win, they cried “voter suppression”.

You can’t make this stuff up. If you did, no one would believe you.

I call it #ElectionFraud2020

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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