There’s a Very, Very Thin Line Between Conspiracy Theory and Legitimate Conspiracy

Ashli Babbit was an unarmed, patriotic American veteran who, presumably, thought she was exercising her right to protest what see saw as government fraud and overreach. After all, it’s the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Maybe she had overstepped those rights she thought she was exercising, maybe not. But did she deserve to be killed for it? Was she perpetrating violence? The only violence that occurred that day, to my knowledge, was Ashli being shot in the head. She was, unfortunately, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Think about the individuals killed by police in the line of duty that provoked a year of violence and looting that was excused by the same people condemning the Capitol 6th Incursion. Some of these deaths occurred justifiably, based on the actions of the individuals; some maybe unjustifiably, but we should remember, white people are shot and killed by the police, too. Some of the unfortunate individuals in these circumstances were armed. Most of them fought with the police to avoid arrest. Whether we agree or not, it is against the law to resist arrest, that’s what most of the individuals killed were doing. But there’s an important point to be made here… every one of the law enforcement individuals responsible for those shootings, whether considered justified shootings, or not, had their names released to the public resulting in most of them, and their families, being threatened and harassed.

Fast forward to January 6th, 2021, and the unprovoked shooting, in the head, of an unarmed woman, a patriotic American, climbing though a previously broken window into the Capitol Building. Was Ashli Babbitt leading the charge? Was she the first one to breach the building? Was she presenting a threat to anyone? Nevertheless, she was the only one shot and, to date, over four months later, the name of the shooter is still being concealed, as are the names of other Capitol Police on the scene.

There are hundreds of other protestors from the January 6th Capitol Incursion who have been rounded up and are languishing in solitary confinement, without opportunity for bail, for the low crime of trespassing. Here’s the catch, there are additional, so-called, “unindicted conspirators” who have, not only, not been arrested, but have not even been named beyond the reference to them as “Person 1,” “Person 2,” Person 3”,” etc. Why is that?

Shhhhhhh… it appears they are FBI/G-Men undercover types or informants.

Pause… Remember Randy Weaver and the Ruby Ridge Siege? Randy Weaver, admittedly, did not trust government as far as he could throw it. Guess what? Neither do I and many people I know. So, Randy Weaver was a malcontent, but he did not go out looking to break the law. He, basically, wanted to be left alone, but that type of guy draws the attention of government know-it-alls who want to know what his problem is. Enter the undercover agent.

Randy Weaver didn’t go looking to sell illegal guns, he was approached by an undercover agent who had a bug up his rear over the guy and began to solicit Weaver to get him a sawed-off shotgun. Weaver ultimately conceded and delivered on the request, and that was his crime brought about by entrapment. In other words, here was a guy the government did not like so it set about constructing a crime to ensnare the guy.

Fast forward to the January 6th Capitol Incursion.  Exactly how many FBI informants and operatives were involved, and why? Does any sane thinking individual think that President Trump set up and arranged the Incursion? Come on, man. Personally, now that I’m considering this idea, I can think of a myriad of reasons why the government would want to discount those who questioned the 2020 election and January 6th, the day the Congress met to certify the Electoral College results, was the perfect day to make something happen. Not only did it give the government, and the Lap Dog Media, the impetus to incessantly decry the protest as an attempt to take down the sitting government and the worst such attempt since the Civil War, and put a scare into those members of Congress who had indicated they were going to object to the certification, but it provided the pretext to blame President Trump and his supporters. Did the Incursion work to meet the needs of the Deep State and the Lap Dog Media? Absolutely.

As a side note, I’m not sure why they didn’t reference the Revolutionary War because that’s exactly what the real American Patriots did. But I digress…

I don’t like giving credence to conspiracy theories… this, however, seems to have graduated from theory to a full-blown conspiracy and cover-up. Now we need to identify the prime players. Will that ever happen?

What say you?

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