“The Other” – part 1

In the wake of rising cases of COVID amongst the vaccinated…

At some point, the unvaccinated became “the Other.” You could probably do your own walk through history and decide who played the role of “the Other” before.

Currently, adverse reactions to the vaccine, though much higher than reactions to most approved meds, are still relatively low, especially if you believe the numbers about how many got COVID and how many died from COVID.

I would point out that the longest and final phase of a new medication introduction for the COVID vaccines was bypassed, due to WARP SPEED. That would be the human trial phase with specific attention to long term results and adverse reactions.

When a medication is rushed to market, barely months after its development, there’s not a whole lot of time to “wait and see” what the long-term reactions might be. In that sense, we are going to experience any possible long term adverse reactions in real time.

Now to my real concern… for that we need to combine the reaction to “the Other” with the reaction to the vaccine. I have heard multiple individuals, including the President of the United States, state that the unvaccinated are hurting the vaccinated, i.e., “the Other” are keeping the world from putting the COVID to bed. The unvaccinated have also been blamed by Joe Biden for a lagging economic rebound. How, exactly, that is, is a mystery to me. I have not been sick and have gotten no one else sick. In fact, many of the vaccinated have gotten sick and spread that sickness to many more of the vaccinated.

Here’s the hook… if long term adverse reactions begin to surface, and let’s say one of the reactions looks awfully similar to the original virus the vaccine was to ward off, who, or what, will be blamed for what looks like a new outbreak? You don’t need a crystal ball to se what our future looks like.

I am still looking into this and I will be back with an expansion of this issue. Stay tuned.

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I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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