The Public School System is Beyond Broken

Houston… we have a problem.

Look, I’m retired with six grown children, the youngest is 25, and I have six grandchildren, five of school-age that are all in Christian school.

On a personal note, I spent my first eight years of school in a private institution. From 9th through 12th grades, I wasted my time in the public school system. The only thing I think I really learned, at that point, was algebra and a few historical facts. I was smart enough, however, to get by without ever doing much homework. Most of my learning occurred in 1st through 8th grades and by achieving a pretty high level of reading and writing comprehension that served me well in the library and my reading and writing endeavors throughout my life.

As for my six children, 50 of their 72 school years took place in private school or at home. In fact, the more time any of them spent in the public school system, the more their thinking is skewed. I regret those decisions now.

So, now what? That’s the question I’m asking you.

I get it, you’ve been told you need a new car, a bigger home, both parents working to achieve that, and private school ain’t cheap… after all, aren’t our taxes funding the public school system? Well, like I said, 50 of the 72 years represented by the education of my children was out of the public school system but I paid school taxes all that time and still do.

Something I realized thirty-five years ago, while home-schooling my own children, was that the government public school system was not only bankrupt, it was also unredeemable. In other words, it was unfixable. My thought at the time was that schools needed to be run by people in the private sector.

Does that scare you? Allow me to explain. Get rid of all the school taxes we are being charged. Now everybody has money to do what they want for their children’s schooling. Much schooling will be provided by religious organizations: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, etc. What of those who don’t want religion in education (not a good idea in my opinion)? They can also organize and form schools. The point is everything will be controlled by parents and local educators. Additionally, educators will perform or they will not be educators long. There can be some government assistance as long as government cannot interfere… remember, that’s

how we got where are now.

The final issue is those who, regardless of the end of school taxes, cannot afford to pay for a private education. That is the biggest problem and since we’ve landed multiple men on the moon, we can figure that out. Americans are inherently good people and are the most generous people in the world.

The real problem is, what is the alternative? If you don’t realize you are losing your child to the progressive crazies pushing Critical Race Theory, Diversity & Equity, Climate Change, and a whole array of other ideas that have nothing to do with academics, you are under a serious delusion and you need to get out more often.

Why do progressive educators want to get rid of advanced math and science classes? Because it’s not fair to minorities and those that might not be up to snuff, so let’s lower the bar for everybody. And that’s only the beginning… Latin? A classical education? That’s racist.

The point is, if you don’t get your kids out of this system and figure out how to do it differently, you are going to be very sorry with the result in 5 to 10 years from now.

What say you? I’m open to comments. Please, Change My Mind?

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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