Notes from the CoronApocalypse Front – 3. Unintended Consequences

Streets full of people, all alone.
Roads full of houses, never home.
Church full of singing, out of tune.
Everyone’s gone to the moon
(Jonathan King)

I was thinking about the issue in the Newsweek article (posted at the bottom) last night and trying to put all the pieces together so that it made some sense. For the most part, left-leaners, and that’s not a blanket statement but a general statement – maybe, it should be “many left-leaners” – are demanding that we slow down, we’re moving way too fast. People are gonna die if we don’t back off. It’s too soon.

Along with that, most understand that people need money to live when they’re being kept out of work, so Democrats, especially, are demanding bigger and bigger giveaways. We’re even hearing about wanting bills proposing giving stimulus money to illegal immigrants. And the debt keeps building.

So, here’s something that has occurred to me: As the attached story relates, people are getting more money not working than they were working. How many people are willing to walk away from the gift-horse? Now, the hook…

As employers try to re-open, employees living large off government largesse are reluctant to go back to work. One way that puts employers at risk is that the Paycheck Protection Program, that loaned them money, the principle which will be forgiven, is contingent on employers bringing their employees, laid off due to COVID, back to work.

Now, no one, at least no one, in their right mind would disagree that the Democrats are overjoyed at the failing economy when it comes to how it might affect Donald Trump’s re-election prospects. Yes, I’ve heard leftists, verifiably, say that they’d like to see a recession so that Donald Trump would lose the election.

Moving right along in this scenario, people refuse to go back to work and the Democrats fund this behavior for an inordinate amount of time. Finally, when the money becomes too much for even the Democrats, the plug of life support gets pulled.

Guess what’s missing in all this? The jobs are missing. They’ve all gone away, either because the employer folded or filled the job with someone else.

Yep, it’s a perfect storm for an enormous economic disaster, worse than we have now, and, possibly, a depression.

So, let me ask, “are we having fun, yet?”

Baltimore Restaurant Owner Can’t Get Employees to Return to Work

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