If You Don’t Agree with the Prevailing Views, You Might Be On Crack!

Is anybody willing to argue the point that Melania Trump is not the most glamorous First Lady we have ever had – well, aside from the Journo-Clowns who wet their pants when they saw Doktor Jill Biden in her Playtex Living Gloves and Granny Coat at the inaugural and gushed that she had returned style to the White House? If nothing else, she does know how to color coordinate her mask and her outfit; she even did Joe’s outfit.

So, lately, we’ve been treated to a despicable display of xenophobia from some of the brightest lights of our time. I refer, of course, to dress-up, play-acting Tim Matheson and Bette Midler.

After HollyWeird has lectured us endlessly about the sinfulness of speaking any disparaging word about “illegals” breaking into our country, “illegally,” (FYI to the HollyWeird geniuses, that’s why they’re called “illegals”), the two geniuses, Matheson and Ma Midler, thought it prudent to mock Melania Trump by suggesting that it sure felt good to finally have a First Lady in the White House that could speak English, you know, a “Real American”.

My understanding is that when a person spends the first five years of his/her life learning to speak his/her native language, that individual never loses his/her accent after learning and speaking any other language. And make no mistake about Melania Trump, she speaks, in total, five languages.

One thing that should be obvious, to even the most casual of observers, is that the ability to speak a foreign language without an accent does not identify the intelligence of the speaker. If it did, neither Matheson nor Midler would be able to utter anything of intelligence beyond “goo-goo-gaa-gaa.”

So, here we are in the 21st century, enlightened citizens of the world that we are, and these jackasses are still ranting about what is, obviously, grounded in their own stupidity. Remember “There Oughta Be a Law” in the Sunday Comics? Apply as necessary.

And while we’re here insulting immigrants, minorities, and women… “Look” (boy, has our senile Uncle President ever enamored that word to his adoring public), it’s 2021, and we’ve just been ravaged by the “China Virus.” That’s another word being sent the way of NewSpeak and will eventually be eradicated from the M-W Dictionary and all government memos, but I digress. The point, not everyone can become president from the safety of one’s basement by releasing the fraudulent bags of Mail-In Ballots (another conspiracy that will disappear from colloquial conversation – Winston Smith will be busy), as much as we might aspire to do so. Some of us, especially the black women amongst us, braved the Virus, while Joe snoozed in his basement, to don their masks and stock our grocery shelves, at least that’s the story making the rounds in the Biden White House. Make no mistake, Uncle Prez is deeply appreciative of their sacrifice. Besides, if you didn’t vote for Joe, “you ain’t (really) black,” no matter what level of melanin exists in your epidermal regions. I’d imagine there will be quite a few people going onto “ancestor dot com” to find out exactly what their ancestry really is… skin color, itself, is not to be trusted.

Hey, my ancestors, from two generations ago, where all from Sicily and given the history of that island, and all the marauding hordes that overran it, I was sure that I had some measure of blackness in my past… but, shhhhhh, I didn’t vote for the Crooked Old Man so I now have to regroup.

Well, in the end, it’s amazing how the Party that claims to be the party of everyman… and woman… and binary… (did I leave anyone out?), excludes so many of us. In the end, the future appears bright… IF! If you pay your fealty to the Left and never disagree with what, we all know, is common knowledge… and the list of contradictions is long, so settle in, your re-education is gonna take some time.

And as always… CHANGE MY MIND! If you can.

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

2 thoughts on “If You Don’t Agree with the Prevailing Views, You Might Be On Crack!

    1. She’s nine years his junior, born in your birth year. Didn’t you two grow up and go to different schools together? Anyway, I await the conclusion of your research before commenting upon its validity.


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