To Your Stations, Americans, What Portion Do We Have in a Rigged Election?

Is the 2020 Election in the bag? Take a minute with me, please…

Joe Biden performed poorly in the debates. He was spanked by his, now, bosom-buddy Kamala Harris. His performance in the primaries reflected his poor primary performance and meager support. Then came SC’s Congressman Clyburn, the savior of the Biden presidential bid, and South Carolina went for Biden in a blowout. One state… and, suddenly, everybody else faded and dropped out. The South Carolina win set the stage for Super Tuesday and after that it was history.

Fortuitously, all of this happened before we got locked down and Joe Biden retreated into his basement. Coincidence?  As is said, nothing in politics happens by coincidence. In fact, the star jewel of the Primary Race, the DNC Convention had to go virtual.

Fast Forward to the actual contest between Joe Biden and President Trump.

Donald Trump got the COVID and quickly defeated it (of course, some of the media lap dogs went full conspiracy theory and suggested that his sickness was a hoax. The latest cooked-up CNN madness is that President Trump has been asking around about issuing pardons, including the option of whether he could pardon himself and family members. It never ends for these people). He then began to have rallies again and hundreds of thousands of people stood in the heat, the cold, the rain, for hours and hours, for a chance to attend. Many, many more, unable to get into the rallies, stood outside and cheered while watching on jumbo screens or listening on outside speakers. Thousands of parades, on both land and at sea, were conducted to show support for President Donald Trump. Could anyone deny that President trump was headed toward a landslide victory and a second term?

In the meantime, Joe Biden retreated to his basement, shutting down outside communications, on many days, at ten in the morning. Unscripted media interviews were non-existent. Any rallies Biden did hold were sparely attended. Tens of people on lawn chairs in masks or in cars beeping their horns. Enthusiasm for Joe seemed only to reside in his wife, Jill Biden. Joe’s running mate, Kamala Harris, was summarily put to bed by Mike Pence in the VP debate. Surprisingly, Kamala, herself, held no rallies that merit mention. Joe Biden, in the second debate, in a surprising turn of his threats to “beat up” President Trump, was himself taken out behind the woodshed and issued a beat-down by the President.

President Trump was headed toward a solid victory on election night. The lights went out and the Mail-In Ballots began to roll in. In the end, President Trump had more votes than any other previous candidate. Now begins the saga of the midnight balloting. Joe Biden, in spite of having zero enthusiasm, and who did little, to no, campaigning, as if he knew the election was a forgone conclusion (one way or the other), got more votes than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and eclipsed Donald Trump’s historic vote count. Amazing.

I am not prepared to go into all that is wrong with this scenario but will draw attention to one tell of a corrupted vote count. ‘Down Ballot’ voting is the term used for casting a vote for other elected officials on a presidential ballot. While some people split that vote – R for President, D for Senator, and such – the preponderance of down ballot votes are usually cast for one party, the party of whomever the voter selects for President. When massive amounts of votes are found that contain only a vote for the presidential candidate and no other markings for other candidates, something is fishy, and that’s exactly what we got with this massive election fraud scheme known as Vote-By-Mail.

While those with skin in the game continue to deny there was any fraud or corruption to speak of, in other words, those responsible for the election results in each state, the stench of what occurred becomes more and more difficult to ignore.

In conclusion, let me state emphatically, I Don’t Do Conspiracies, but something stinks about this whole mess … Russian Collusion, Ukrainian interference, Impeachment, COVID_19 shutdowns, and now an election loss that strains credibility. This is not over and until we are given concussive evidence that all was on the up and up, I am unwilling to accept a Joe Biden win. As the cry went up in Israel when Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, ascended to throne while ignoring the advice and pleas of his father’s advisors to attend to the grievances of the people who sought redress, for what they thought was his too-heavy-handedness in the demands placed upon them…

“So when all Israel saw that the king hearkened not unto them, the people answered the king, saying, What portion have we in David? neither have we inheritance in the son of Jesse: to your tents, O Israel: now see to thine own house, David. So Israel departed unto their tents.”

My response to our current milieu… “To your homes people, let Joe Biden see to his own fortunes, what portion do we have in a Biden presidency?”

Published by Paul J DiBartolo

I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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