COVID Conspiracy or “The Matrix”?

When COVID hit, I believed it was a potentially dangerous virus. Soon, however, I began to doubt the numbers that were being thrown around and stared in disbelief at how we were told to react, as well as how we did react, cowering in fear.

The numbers began to mount. No, I’m not referring to the numbers of COVID infected and/or Covid deaths, although those numbers were reported to be through the roof, numbers I soon became convinced were overblown, I’m referring to the number of deaths occurring as a result of our overreaction and the dearth of numbers of flu cases and flu deaths. In addition, people with other serious medical conditions were waived off from the hospital and left to suffer, and sometimes die, at home, many of which deaths were then attributed to COVID.

While I frown upon conspiracy theory, the use of the coronavirus as an election tool moved from conspiracy theory into the realm of true conspiracy. Some type of major cover-up was going on. The mail-in ballot scheme was one of the most egregious election scams we have seen to date, and we’ve had plenty of them.

Many more conspiracy theories made the rounds and I was very reluctant to give them my attention. But the coincidences, and the incredulous things I was being asked to believe, began to pile up.

Warp-Speed was kicked off and a stigma was attached to any other alternative treatment. “Science” in the name of “science,” died an ignominious death. Not only were the Alex Jones’ of “Info Wars” being ridiculed but, heretofore, well-respected medical professionals were suddenly being cancelled and silenced for talking about such things as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, steroid treatments, and various other treatments, treatments used safely for years but now spoken of as certain death treatments. The practitioners of alternative treatments were suddenly classified as “voodoo” doctors, or worse.  Our 45th president, who contracted the virus, and was back on his feet in days, was mocked for his suggestions of various treatments, treatments used on him by certified medical professionals.

We were told that we were doomed to live in caves until we had a vaccine. And then the promise of an efficacious vaccine rose on the horizon. A new day was coming. But the usual suspects, the opponents of Trump, a president who removed all the impediments to rush a vaccine to market, told us, at first, they didn’t trust a vaccine associated with Trump. Then Biden became president, and for lack of any other vaccine possibility, and his need to fulfill his promise to heal the nation, we were told the vaccine was our savior and we all needed to get it. Suddenly, those who sullied the name of any vaccine associated with President Trump were urging us, nay, demanding that we get it.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to total herd immunity, through vaccination, against a virus with a 99%, across the board, recovery rate… people started to have bad reactions, other people died. But the CDC pushed on, recommending, appearing to demand, that everyone receive an Emergency Use Authorization vaccine that had not been fully tested. One thing’s for sure, if there is a serious long term adverse reaction to the vaccine, everybody’s gonna die because we were told we didn’t need to wait for human trials, it was totally safe, although not provably safe.

And then another funny thing happened, variants of COVID began infecting the fully vaccinated, something we had previously been promised would never happen. And then the rumblings of needed booster shots were heard, booster shots every 8 months… then suggestions of booster shots every five or six months, with a vaccine that placed no liability for adverse reactions on the manufacturers.

Has credulity of “the science” been stretched to the breaking point yet?  Just like the science that demands we believe, and worship, at the altar of “climate change”, and all other science that questions “climate change” is termed “junk science,” so any alternative views or treatments of COVID_19, mask wearing, social distancing, hundreds of thousands of COVID deaths, and magic vaccines, are laughed at as “junk science” and the purveyors of such junk science are threatened with loss of livelihood, while the threats of locking up such “deniers” starts to sound like somebody’s serious remedy to deal with the “unbelievers” amongst us. Can the gladiator arenas be far behind? Will the unbelievers be rounded up in concentration camps and taken daily to be used as sport in the amphitheaters? Why not? We’re told that those who refuse to vaccinate, refuse to mask small children for eight hours, refuse to social distance, and more, are the dregs of society who care only for themselves and, therefore, do not deserve to live.

Those who question COVID mandates have been placed at the top of the DHS’s terror watch list ahead, even, of actual 9/11-style threats. And the treat posed by COVID mandate deniers, that’s code for people who like to think for themselves, are even more of a threat than some of the worst people on the planet, i.e., those who question the authenticity of the 2020 presidential-election results. Damn, dirty Covid-mandate deniers.

What has become of America where people used to take pride in self-determination but, which same people, are now designated as miscreants, unwilling to bow before their dear leaders and do what they’re told by those who know better. Can a nation, built upon liberty and the rights of individuals, be far from extinction when its citizens refuse to worship their betters? If we’ve learned anything from the Publik Skool Edjukashun we were all given, isn’t it that we need to keep our heads down, never be so bold as to look into the eyes of, or question the wisdom of, our leaders, and to cheerfully embrace the daily castigations from our betters with nothing more than a polite, “Thank you, may I have another”?

History repeats, and as Edward Gibbon wrote of the era in which Rome succumbed to undisguised tyranny, “A nation of slaves is always prepared to applaud the clemency of their master who, in the abuse of absolute power, does not proceed to the last extremes of injustice and oppression.”

And so, I conclude where I began, “while I frown upon conspiracy theory,” it becomes more difficult each day to accept that what we see around us is no longer reality but a construct of the “Matrix” in which we have now all been consigned to live.

POSTSCRIPT: Allow me to add… Our southern border is currently wide open. Apparently, anyone who wants to come in, can come in. People are streaming into the country across our southern border from 100 countries around the world. Many of the people illegally entering our country are not being tested for coronavirus, nor any other serious medical conditions that we have previously eradicated. Neither are we requiring proof of vaccination from those who are allowed to sneak into the country although, you can’t go into a restaurant in New York City without a valid government issued ID and proof of vaccination. How will these unvaccinated masses of illegal immigrants eat? These people, streaming across our southern border, are being placed on buses, trains, and planes, to be dropped off at a location near you, without you, an American citizen, being asked if that is appropriate, and you will be required to support them, many of whom cannot speak English, and whose children will be placed in your children’s schools. Additionally, we are settling thousands of Afghan evacuees on military bases across the country and, while offering them the vaccination, we are not mandating it for these evacuees.

I need someone to explain to me why it is imperative that I be vaccinated in the wake of all this madness.

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I'm the Most Rational Man in the World.

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