The Stealing of an Election 101

Early in-person voting and Vote-by-Mail…

Early in-person voting varies from state to state. The longest lead time for early voting is 55 days before the election and the numbers vary from there. In the end, there is plenty of time to vote in person, which begs the question of why Pennsylvanians needed extra time, to vote? (Source:

And the along came Vote-By-Mail, not to be confused with Absentee Voting. An absentee ballot requires the applicant to meet certain criteria to get an absentee ballot and, including an application process, for the most part, is secure. It is used for military personnel on station and citizens away from home on election day. That is not the same as an “en masse” mailing of ballots to everyone on the voting rolls, dead or alive, sitting at home wearing masks and being told it’s too dangerous to vote in person but are told it’s okay to go to Walmart or ShopRite or the Marijuana store.

Vote-By-Mail is not secure contrary to what some would like you to believe. Allow me to speak from my experience in New Jersey. Governor Murphy decided it was just too dangerous for us to vote in person – ignore the fact that Americans voted in person during an internal Civil War, during a number of foreign wars, and during the worst pandemic of recent times, the Spanish Flu Pandemic.

Yes, the voting rolls are purged every couple of years, but when a person moves away or dies, that does not remove that name from the rolls immediately. However, after all is said and done, in-person voting poll workers do not go outside and grab people explaining, “We still have 1,000 people who have not voted, would you care to vote again, as one of them?” That is essentially the case with Vote-By-Mail. Millions of ballots are mailed out with no check on who should or shouldn’t be receiving them, making this scheme ripe for fraud. Add to that, poll workers who begin to get sloppy with their checks (it’s human nature), or are told not to worry about signatures, “if they’re close, they’re good,” or postmarks, late or non-existent.

Pennsylvania has proved to be a particular problem and is currently at the root of the erroneous call that Joe Biden has won the election and is the President-elect. Nothing has been settled yet and it was irresponsible of the news media to make such a call. I actually heard a host state that the media was responsible to make the call. WRONG! The media is responsible to report news not call elections.

So, what’s up in Pennsylvania? PA election law does not have early voting. Mail-In Ballots were authorized to be filled out and mail in/dropped off starting 50 days before election day. Mail-in ballots were to be cut off at the normal close of the polls on election day, usually 8PM, at which time they were to be counted with all the rest of the votes.

A few days before the election the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Mail-In Ballots did not have to adhere to the legislated deadline for voting, adding that ballots that were unable to be determined as to postmark, or with no discernable postmark at all, could be accepted, as well. Additionally, after hours and hours of looking at mail-in ballots, as eyes got bleary, signature comparisons became less and less precise. No worries said the court. This abrogates legislated PA law and that is not how the Court is supposed to function, overthrowing the will of the people as set by the legislature. We are a country that lives by the Rule of Law.

At the end of election day, President Trump was set to take PA. The counting was still proceeding but the state looked to be leaning in his favor. Then the Mail-In Ballots began being dropped off. The matter was raised before US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and he ruled that Mail-In Ballots that did not adhere to PA law were to be segregated from all other ballots, in-person, absentee, and mail-In. The ballots in question were not to be tallied in the regular vote count. The would be held aside until a final ruling cud be issued on the validity of the PA scheme. PA election boards added insult to injury by ignoring Alito’s ruling and continued to count all votes. Eventually, enough questionable ballots were added to the regular vote count to push Joe Biden ahead of President Trump.

The despicable media saw its opportunity and, led by Fox News and CNN, began declaring Biden the winner of PA and thus the winner of the election, referring to him as the President-elect. Biden got on board and offered what was essentially an acceptance speech, although even he hedged because he knew the results were not final. By hey, why stare a gift horse in the mouth? If fact, part of Progressivism101 is that if you say something loud enough and enough times, it eventually becomes true. Control the narrative… Perception is everything…

And here we are…

It doesn’t end there… Vote counting software provided by Dominion, was found to have skewed vote counts in a Michigan district, awarding some 5,000 to 6,000 Trump votes to Biden. That’s not all, the same software was used in some 30 other Michigan districts. And now the icing on the cake, the same software was used in some 20 other states. Everywhere the Dominion software was used will require a recount by hand. Thus, Michigan, awarded to Biden by the media, is now hanging in the balance. Serious allegations of vote counting have also surfaced in various other states, like Nevada. Wisconsin results are also in question. So why did the Main Stream Media rush to judgment and declare Joe Biden the President-elect? Seriously?

“Look”, as Joe Biden likes to say, I can almost guarantee you, unless you are a medical worker, that you probably know more people who have received multiple mail-in ballots than have contracted COVID; certainly, more than you know who have really died from it. Yet COVID was the impetus for Vote-By-Mail. Things that make you go, “Hmmmmm…”

Finally, allow me to remind you, in 2000, Al Gore thought he had won the election and was, thus, the President-elect, for 37 days. Let that sink in and remember, the Main Stream Media is not your friend. The Main Stream Media is not the arbiter of our Democratic Republic or any election either. It is not the job of the media to declare winners and losers of elections, especially when the final results are still up in the air. The Main Stream Media has its own agenda and that’s the bottom line for such as Fox, CNN, MSNBC, et al.

I have done my best to be accurate here. I have been wrong in the past and have no problem admitting so and retracting erroneous points. I am after the truth and, thus, welcome anyone to better explain the situation that I might be more aware of what is really going on. I have no interest in spreading Fake News. As related to us in the Holy Scriptures, “The truth will set you free.” That said…

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